• Bobcat hunting with the dogs in the winter months is sure to bring you into the deep woods of Maine, but may also bring you to some of the most prestigious areas. These areas are often unseen to most folks.
  • Grouse hunting is sure to bring you a great time. Most often done within minimal walking distance of your vehicle, there is also no telling what other wildlife you may encounter.
  • Turkey hunting in the northern words is certainly a little more difficult than the farmers’ fields, but will test your agility and patience. Making that perfect shot to harvest your kill takes precision.
  • Fishing in Maine offers you an endless number of opportunities with the vast number of lakes and streams. From open water to ice fishing, there are a number of fish species to target.

Pricing & Packages

Ruffed Grouse: Unguided $65/day; With Guide $325/day

Turkey Hunting (minimum – 3 day hunt):  $275/day, 2 bird limit

Bobcat (minimum – 3 day hunt):  $400/day with $500 kill fee



What to Bring

  • Your own hunting license.
  • Your driving license.
  • Clothes appropriate for the weather.
  • Extra warm clothes – just in case.
  • Your own fire arm and ammo.
  • Proper footwear for trekking in woods in any condition.

What’s Included

All packages include meals and lodging.

All packages can be altered to fit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss the specifications.



State License Fees

Hunting/Fishing:  $150

Big Game Hunting:  $115

Archery:  $75

Bear Permit:  $74


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